N2's Mom has been to the vet often, but deals with it a lot better than his sister Kona. His Mom's most recent trip to the vet was when she was sadly diagnosed with cancer in her stomach, and as of right now fans and possibly his owner are still waiting for news. She has had many other trips to the vet, like when he had to go for tarter on his teeth Along with his Mom, and a music video was made about it, and when she goes to the vet you will notice higher tolerance than her children, as said, whose had to be bleeped out at times and screamed "profanity" at many times when she went to the vet, like in the video "burrito cat". N2's Mom, however, purred at the vet and stayed still, not trying to escape at all, unlike her daughter Kona, who kept doing "Houdini time" and "I know karate"